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Suzani Pillows

Suzani –  Originating from and generally practiced for centuries in Uzbekistan, Suzani is the craft of using silk or cotton thread to hand-embroider colorful, intricate patterns and designs, generally floral arabesques, onto plain cotton, satin or silk fabric. Each piece is hand-made continuing the ancient tradition of embroidering “dowry” pieces, linen, table cloths, throws and runners, which

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Kilim Pillows

Vintage Kilim - Turkish Kilims are flat weave textiles made from 100% wool warp on a wool or wool and cotton weft. A handicraft practised and perfected over the centuries, Turkish Kilims were woven by hand on wooden looms by home-based weavers throughout the villages and towns in Turkey. These artisans used locally produced wool, hand-spun and skilfully coloured with locally sourced organic dye

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Ikat Pillows

Ikat – Originating almost simultaneously, but independently, over 500 years ago in South East Asia, South America and along the Silk Road, Ikat weaving is a complex technique which involves marking, tying and dying the intended design onto the yarn before the fabric is woven. Ikat uses the “resist dying” process in which individual and/or bundles of yarn are tied with dye-resistant materials an

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